"Minaya"- November 21, 2018

This morning we started our day off with the MC’s , Glenn Pearson and Dawn Bessarab, they were getting our day started with a recap of day one and also creating a safe environment.

They went on to introduce the other presenters who be explaining different subjects this morning. Dr, Michael Wright project is “The looking forward project, Community Driven initiatives.”  Dr Michael went to give his background of his project, to looking forward findings, learning from the elders, and the lesson learnt. His presentation surprised me as he said that we should start learning from our elders and have our elders in projects.Dr Michael brought an elder whos also on his project with him, Uncle Charlie Kickett. Charlie went on making the people laugh and energized before starting his talk, he made us all say good morning as only a few people said it in the beginning, he also went on explaining a little bit of background and how he felt about being on the project. He explained his two subjects that he was going to talk about,”looking forward” and “looking forward, moving forward project.” his talk was very interesting and very true.

The next speaker talking was Dion Tatow, he was now talking about the LGBTIQ community. He went on saying how increased risk of suicide they are. He also went on talking about the Priority populations, in this group includes Aboriginal and Torres /strait Islanders, LGBT community, and young adult men and middle aged men. I do agree with his point on his presentation, we shouldn't be isolating these groups but instead should be embracing and accepting these people who suffer and are suffering alone.

After the speakers were done talking, we would break off into other workshops/sessions that would be either 1 hour, 45 minutes, or 30 minutes. The workshops I went to were very interesting. The first one I went to was explaining how there isn't much school psychiatrists south of Perth. They continued on with showing a template where they will help a child by following a template and rating them critical on the suicide risk, or if they are moderate.

The workshops continued in the afternoon as well until 3 where would meet for the keynote panel. We all gathered in the Grand Ballroom for the keynote. In the beginning, a group of people, aged middle aged adults to elders were welcomed to the stage as they were presenting a gift to this conference. They called it in “minaya”, they described what the gift was, explaining that the gift is that half of the body is here in the real world and the other is in the spirit world, it creates balance. This whole conference has been amazing so far. I have learnt that even though we are so far, our stories are connected and the same.

Kyra Metatawabin